Better leverage your internal experience to drive ongoing organisational improvements.

In our experience, “Good Lesson Learned” processes will deliver material value in businesses with multiple projects and in environments with repetitive high cost processes (such as on-shore well drilling or manufacturing lines). However, many businesses either do not adhere to a lessons-learned management process or do not have an effective solution to support it.

PCG Solutions’ Xperien provides a lessons-learned methodology, toolset and solution for capturing and sharing lessons in the organisation.

Xperien captures, curates and circulate lessons business-wide. Capture is done through bulk upload templates or structured single capture forms. Lessons can be tagged to make them easier to locate later. All lessons undergo and curation process where the quality of information is reviewed and changes suggested if required. Finally, circulation is made easy through search functionality, notification of new lessons that match user interests and quick share functionality.

Key features

  • Bulk upload templates and structured single forms to capture lessons
  • Standardised collection template
  • Quality control process to ensure lessons are reviewed and amended accordingly (invalid lessons can be removed)
  • Tagging functionality to enable streamlined access to specific lessons
  • Automated notifications when new lessons match with pre-specified user interests
  • Advanced search and share functionality, including ability to share lessons through company approved social media channels (e.g. Yammer, Slack)


  • Access a centralised searchable lessons-learned repository
  • Apply lessons to inform management process and decision-making

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