With the evolution of eCommerce, SKU ranges have expanded along with the number of competitors. Merchandising managers can no longer rely on a well-planned pricing strategy and promotional calendar. They need to be able to respond as rapidly as pricing can now be changed. But how can you respond if you aren’t even aware that your competitors have launched a new promotion or changed their prices in the first place?

PCG Solutions’ Market Pricing Monitor dramatically cuts down the time it takes to respond to competitors’ changes in pricing or promotions. It enables the user to watch multiple nominated websites, pages, or SKUs, and it will alert the user to significant changes in benchmarks or new promotions . Let Market Pricing Monitor take care of watching your competitors’ products and pricing so that your team can focus on the value-add aspects of their roles.

Key features

  • Monitor as many websites, pages, or SKUs as you need
  • Automatically add new competitors to the watch list based on certain conditions (e.g. industry/geography, product lines, SKUs offered)
  • Record changes in prices and product offers over time
  • Group your watchlist into different portfolios


  • Identify trends in your competitors’ promotions calendar
  • Identify competitors’ pricing changes at a SKU, Category, or Site level
  • Respond more quickly to your competitors, and monitor how they are responding to your own promotions and pricing
  • Set notification parameters so that only significant changes trigger alerts

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