Traditional financial and operational planning is disconnected, overly complicated and far too manual for growing businesses. For efficient and effective planning, you need a solution that’s easy, powerful, and fast.

MODLR is business modelling and collaborative planning software that provides everything you need to enable a connected financial planning process. Accessible from anywhere, simple to use, our modelling and reporting platform empowers you and your team to set your goals and execute better than ever.

Take a look at MODLR today and start the modelling automation journey.

Key features

  • Connect to your ERP to automatically pull the most recent actuals
  • Plan and report on MODLR models from within Excel Workbooks
  • Forecast the financial impact of your changing operational drivers
  • Consolidate planning in real time across entities and business units
  • Collect commentary on variances between actuals, budgets and forecasts
  • Apply business logic across models globally (rather than maintaining disparate spreadsheets)


  • Streamline reporting management planning processes, shorten reporting timelines and expedite decision making
  • Import financial data as regularly as each minute for near real-time reporting across multiple data systems
  • Review business results and sales performance on a daily or weekly basisto suit your business needs
  • Improve reporting accuracy by eliminating data errors and human intervention

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