Incentives are how you manage your sales force to deliver outcomes, but how do you manage your incentives?

Companies typically have three or more sales incentives schemes in place, and they are frequently modified whilst ‘in-flight’. With seasonal, one-off, and even legacy incentive programmes thrown into the mix, how do you keep track of what you have committed to and to whom, what the potential top-line result is, and what the bottom-line impact will be?

Our Incentive Manager solution is built from the ground up to connect revenue, profitability, sales force personnel, and incentive schemes in one location. Have full visibility over your sales pipeline position and sales results. See what incentives have been earned, are due to be paid, and are likely to be achieved. Build in smart rules and triggers and connect it to your CRM so that you can proactively manage your sales force and sales incentives.

Key features

  • Connect actual and forecast revenue, sales pipeline, sales force personnel, and sales incentive schemes in one location
  • Automatically generate reporting on earned and paid incentive
  • Forecast incentives based on current run rates at salesperson level
  • Compare incentive scheme performance based on key metrics – sales growth and retention, profitability of the sales portfolio, salesperson retention and churn, incentive scheme cost versus benefit


  • Gain full visibility of the end-to-end salesforce and incentive scheme environment, from sales results and forecasting, through to incentive scheme costs and return on investment
  • Automate data feeds from key source systems including popular CRM, payroll, and accounts payable solutions
  • Automate reporting with drilldown into salesperson performance
  • Measure results against budget and target

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