Simplify the planning and execution of discount programmes and ensure discounts are delivering bang for buck.

For many retailers, discount planning and execution is a manual and time-consuming task, requiring coordination across  multiple departments, and consideration of such factors as sales and financial results, local store managers’ discretion to discount, holiday calendars and prevailing retail market conditions.

It is easy to see why it is a difficult task just to visualise the discounts in place, let alone plan effectively to ensure discounts deliver positive results to the bottom line.

PCG Solutions’ Discount Manager makes it easy to consolidate, plan, and execute discounting strategies across the entire SKU range and store network, including online channels, and to evaluate the effectiveness of these discounts.

Key features

  • Consolidate your SKU ranges, store network, and discount planning and performance into a single unified interface
  • Identify discounting conflicts between channels
  • Identify and execute opportunities to drive incremental sales


  • Measure performance using machine learning to improve discounting effectiveness
  • Consolidate discounting strategy and planning, and improve coordination across retail network and channels

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