Effective solutions for strategic planning, implementation and performance management

Our Approach

Pacific Consulting Group works with ​leading companies to provide real-time, collaborative solutions tailored to their business challenges. Our Solutions bring together applications, analytics and consulting expertise to significantly improve business outcomes for our Clients.

Industry Solutions

PCG Solutions pairs the deep industry experience of Pacific Consulting Group with the expertise of leading technologists to deliver unrivalled Solutions for our Clients.

Banking DPM

Understand true profitability across any dimension of your business. Diagnose problem areas and identify opportunities to improve profitability.

Production Scheduler

Orchestrate all aspects of effective production planning and scheduling for enhanced forecast, productivity, and prioritisation of your products.


Access data in real-time to drive productivity improvements on the production floor

Functional Solutions

Functional solutions purpose-built for the Cloud, Performance, Collaboration, and Integration.


Connect your financial and operational planning processes to transform your business

Revenue Assurance Optimiser

Stop revenue leakage once and for all

Market Pricing Monitor

Proactively monitor your competitors’ products and pricing

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