Resolve issues and opportunities in your organisation by empowering your people.

PCG deploys Resolve in organisations which are looking to engage widely across their stakeholder base to identify untapped opportunities or underlying issues.

Resolve employs pre-defined rules to progress such opportunities and issues through a prescribed workflow. In this way, limitless opportunities can be rapidly identified, assessed and acted upon by key decision-makers in order to deliver value to the business.

Resolve is cloud-based, accessible across devices and enables all employees to engage. It also provides a transparent record of ideas raised and how they were resolved, facilitating a continuously evolving feedback loop.

Resolve also integrates with PCG Solutions’ MakeItHappen and Xperien.

Key features

  • Fully customisable workflows and forms to suit your business
  • Full role based security
  • Cloud based deployment allowing access from anywhere


  • Enable large scale customer and staff engagement
  • Leverage the expertise of your internal team

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