Everything you need to manage your procurement activity in a single data driven platform.

Organisations are increasingly looking to their procurement teams to not only deliver improved cost savings, but also to better manage risk, to support company-wide innovation and to drive business growth.

For procurement teams to do this effectively, they need the right tools and information to leverage a company’s external spend, to build relationships with the right suppliers, and to put in place the correct strategies to mitigate risk.

PCG’s ProcureHub platform provides access to an integrated solution set which is driven by a common data pool. The key modules included in the solution cover:

  • Program management
  • Spend analytics
  • Category management
  • Sourcing
  • Supplier performance management
  • Contract management

Key features

  • Spend analytics which not only categorise and organise your spend data, but also highlight key areas for opportunity
  • A sourcing solution which provides a common yet flexible framework for your organisation to leverage opportunities
  • A category management reporting capability to provide your procurement team with a single source of truth for their areas of responsibility. The category management functionality brings together spend reporting, project tracking, KPIs, contract reporting and other key data inputs a Category Manager requires to manage their portfolio
  • A supplier management module to actively manage the performance of key suppliers
  • A robust Contract Management solution, which not only acts as a repository for your contracts, but also as an active tool to support supplier management, sourcing activity and other key contract events
  • A program management function to establish, manage and monitor projects and actions across the procurement function


  • Institute improved controls on your external spend
  • Leverage your procurement data to deliver savings across the spend base
  • Gain clear insights into your key commercial risks and implement mitigation strategies
  • Improve insights into working capital opportunities

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