Orchestrate all aspects of effective production planning and scheduling for enhanced forecast, productivity, and prioritisation of your products.

Production Scheduler is a customised, web-based Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II) solution with Manufacturing Execution (MES) capability to plan, track and execute your production plans directly from the shop floor.

Production Scheduler can be easily integrated into ERP systems using robust and proven interfaces. The most significant benefits from using Production Scheduler are drastically reduced lead times and clarity on your production planning.

Key features

  • Centralise inputs from multiple data sources, including manual inputs
  • Automate production planning and materials orders
  • Enable manual review and adjustment of one-off constraints or requirements
  • Customise production performance reporting


  • Enable consistent planning processes and performance measures across multiple sites
  • Drastically reduce planning lead times
  • Access real-time production data from the shop floor in order to forecast and plan subsequent production queues with full visibility
  • Remove need for onsite infrastructure with 24/7 access through Cloud Hosting

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