Understand true profitability across any dimension of your business. Diagnose problem areas and identify opportunities to improve profitability.

Our Industry-leading solution provides deep analytical insights into profitability across all dimensions  of a financial services business. By combining core financial and operational data, the solution provides a comprehensive picture of profitability  by customer segment, product and channel.

PCG’s Banking DPM solution offers a powerful diagnostic and strategic tool. It captures data to identify areas of high and low profitability, provides insight into the specific drivers of profitability, and supports budgeting, forecasting and planning functions.

The solution can be used to drive strategic and operational initiatives encompassing areas such as targeted profit improvement, operational efficiency, and capital allocation.

Key features

  • Comprehensively model profit across the entire value chain, including semi-direct costs like customer service
  • Connect in real-time to core source systems, ensuring timely and traceable analysis
  • Develop detailed customer segment, channel and product profiles to identify areas of high profitability


  • Connect revenue, finance, and operations seamlessly
  • Enable targeted profit improvement at a granular level
  • Understand customer profiles and usage patterns and changes in product mix over time

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