Understand true profitability across any dimension of your business. Diagnose problem areas and identify opportunities to improve profitability.

PCG Solution’s industry-leading Dimensional Profit Model combines core financial and operational data, to provide a comprehensive picture of profitability in key dimensions such as customer and product. The solution can be used to identify areas of high and low profitability, diagnose profit drivers, and subsequently inform targeted profit improvement initiatives across pricing, product development, sales, and operations.

Key features

  • • Comprehensively model profit across the entire value chain, including semi-direct costs like customer service
  • • Put billions of events to use to build a comprehensive map of profitability across the value chain
  • • Ensure timely and traceable analysis through real-time connection to core source systems
  • • Develop detailed customer and product profiles to identify pools of profitability


  • Connect revenue, finance, and operations at an unprecedented level
  • Enable targeted profit improvement at a granular level
  • Understand customer and product mix and usage changes over time

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