Power your change programs through simplicity, accountability and transparency.

PCG’s professionals have worked with many clients over the last 20 years, managing enterprise transformation and large-scale change programs. Such programs typically encompass numerous initiatives across multiple divisions, functions and geographies, and require the involvement of many project managers.

Furthermore, they require significant investment in Program Management Offices due to the complexities inherent in stakeholder engagement, target setting, progress tracking, template control, information capture and dissemination. Ad hoc processes relying on information drawn from disparate sources including emails and spreadsheets are onerous, inefficient and vulnerable to error.

Keeping up to date with the progress of initiatives and ensuring they are delivering to their targets is a complex task. The added difficulty of making sure everyone is using the correct templates, managing multiple stakeholders, and consolidating information has required significant investment in program management offices.

Many of these program management offices rely on combining information from emails, spreadsheets, and other documents to update their stakeholders. Given today’s need for accurate and timely information, and the breadth of some large change programs, ad-hoc processes are no longer good enough.

PCG’s clients started asking for a solution that can be deployed simply and quickly to facilitate large-scale change programs, and we responded with our MakeItHappen solution .

Key features

  • Customise to suit individual client requirements
  • Update initiatives from any location and on any web enabled device (PC, mobile, tablet)
  • Access standardised and real-time reporting
  • Create a centralised repository for all program documentation (by attaching existing documents such as business cases, detailed plans and financials to the relevant initiative)
  • Roll back over time to determine how initiatives have changed


  • Structure and streamline the program management process
  • Expedite decision making by providing key stakeholders with the information they need at the click of a button
  • Reduce the administrative burden of change management so that your team can focus on delivering results
  • Enhance transparency by establishing project milestones and accountabilities, assigning responsibility for tasks, setting project milestones and tracking actual delivery against targets

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